Awakening To Your Infinite Abundance - 10 Days

Awakening To Your Infinite Abundance - 10 Days

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Very inspiring. The lessons have already helped me. :) ~ Kathy, Los Angeles

The end of week two has found me with tears of gratitude flowing over from my heart. What a blessing! Week 3 coming up...I am immensely enjoying this journey 💝 ~ Melissa, Tennessee

Loved it and will review it immediately! Go back through to become more aware and conscious of my abundance awakening! ~ Shevonne, Maryland

You are so helping me on my 40-day abundance challenge I started 22 days ago! This course is right in alignment to keep me focused!!! Thank you! Day 1 begins again tmrw!!❤️🙏🏽 Bless you! ~ LaTasha, Georgia

Wonderful, thank you! ~ Steve, New Zealand

I loved this course. It’s one of the few I’ve finished all the way through. I will be continuing with it, for the next 30 days. Thank you!  ~Jo, Minnesota

Really enjoyed these last 10 days. Definitely going to do the course again. ~ Stacey, United Kingdom

Thank you for your guidance through this beautifully crafted journey 🙏 ~ Sasha, Australia

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Lesson 1: Release - Letting Go and Making Space


We begin our journey by creating intentionality and by introducing our 12 core abilities, Release, Order, Power, Strength, Will, Faith, Wisdom, Imagination, Understanding, Life, Love and Zeal.

Each day is an opportunity to open up these core abilities that are held within your body and will lead you to true abundance in all areas of your life. Every lesson is an opportunity to explore one of your core abilities, connect it to a specific area of your body and share a true statement to take into meditation.

On this day, our first lesson, you will be guided into a deeper focus and awareness of Release. The power of Release allows us to leave the past in the past. It requires us to let go of things that no longer serve us which, in turn, will open up space for new possibility. 

Lesson 2: Order - Creating Order in Our Lives


Our focus today is order. When we create balance in our lives, we naturally begin to settle and remove the anxiety that might be a result of things seeming out of place. Sometimes we can be compulsive about things needing to be in a certain place, or have them occur in a certain way. Sometimes we can allow things to slide into a state of disarray, making it difficult to manage. Today, you will rightfully put order into place and begin to feel a sense of ease and balance.

Lesson 3: Power - Our Words and Thoughts Shape Our Lives


The power behind our words and thoughts is our greatest source of growth and abundance. We will conduct an inquiry into the words we say to ourselves and the things we say to others.

Our words paint the picture of our perception of reality. We create the dialogue and because of this, we can learn to control the narrative. It is our words that drive manifestation whether we are saying them or we are thinking them.

The Divine Source I am does not differentiate between an abundant thought or a thought of lack. The Universe always delivers what we dwell upon.

Lesson 4: Strength and Will - The Keys to Maintaining Our Practices and Goals


Change and new growth will always call upon our deepest strength and our steadfast will. When we begin to nurture and call upon these two core abilities, we can maintain the change we want to see in our lives. They will act as guiding support for who we are becoming and they will continuously affirm who we want to be. We are each our most valuable asset and the power of Strength and Will supports us to have our inside world create our outside world. 

Lesson 5: Faith - Trusting In What We Do Not See


When changes in our beliefs, our thoughts, our goals or our being come upon us, it is natural to have doubt and to feel some fear around these changes. We don't know how it will work out. We don't know what others will say or think. We may not even be sure if we have what it takes to keep moving forward. In these moments, it is our internal faith, our self-belief, and our trust in the Divine Presence I Am that we can cling to. With faith, we begin to call upon our other core abilities to lead us through. 

Lesson 6: Wisdom - Our Answers are Within


As we clear the dust and open our inner eyes to our full Abundance, we call upon our Wisdom so we can act in an intentional and thoughtful manner. Our Wisdom teaches us and calls on us to be our greatest selves. It is our guide from deep within that leads us to the right choice along each path that we walk. We each have an inherent wisdom that is exactly right for our life and being, and as we place our Faith in that Wisdom, we open ourselves to the infinite supply. 

Lesson 7: Imagination - Our Capacity to Dream and Manifest


Within each of us is the ability to imagine and conceive new scenarios for our life. We can dream up new ideas, new inventions or new possibilities for any area of our life or the life of our planet. All physical things that we use in our day-to-day lives were once just a dream in somebody's head. As you build your connection with your core abilities, you will notice your imagination begins to enliven and possibility will become your playground. 

Lesson 8: Understanding - I Welcome Clarity and Knowing


Each of us will interpret things around us in a unique way and derive our own meaning. Knowing how we arrive at our conclusions is important to any self-reflection work. Deepening our understanding of who we are, how we are triggered, what's important, how we like to be treated and treat others and our connection to the infinite supply are some of the important building blocks along our path. Understanding things around us is a good place to be. Understanding ourselves is a goldmine. 

Lesson 9: Life and Love - Opening Up


Life wants more life and love is everything. As we grow into our skin and experience Life, Love is always calling us looking to unify us as one. As we give Life and Love to others we receive more in return. It is the law of reciprocity; that what we give out we will receive more in return. This is the key to Abundance Awakening; the willingness to give and it works in all areas of our lives. Life and Love come from within, we can be enlivened in the presence of others. We can make others feel special. We can love others and hold them in our prayers. We can each be the light of the world and by doing so we give permission for others to do the same. Open your heart, be the light. 

Lesson 10: Zeal - My Energy Abounds

When we are enthusiastic our energy can move things forward in spite of any barriers that might be before us. When spirit takes hold in us and moves us in a direction, our zest for life heightens; we can feel unstoppable and willing to face great odds. It is our passion and excitement that delivers big dreams and the more passion we have, the greater the opportunity for our imaginative ideas to manifest before us.

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